Line them up and then attack!

Phase 1 - The Drafts (DONE)

Learn more about Operators


  • Smart Contract for creating Operators

  • Frontend UI for minting and viewing Operators

  • Art for two Operator options

  • Launch TAGs token

Phase 2 - Basic Training (DONE)

Basic training introduces the ability to arm the operators with weapons. Players can go to the armory and forge new weapons.

Phase 3 - Target Acquisition & Combat (In Progress)

Essential combat phase. Operators are briefed, armed and then sent for engagement.

Once the target is acquired, combat proceeds.

Phase 4 - Economy Revamp

Cipher City is getting a brand new economy.

Phase 5 - Skill Trees

Your operators work hard.

Your operators become stronger.

Your operators become more skilled.

That's what they need.

Phase 6 - Farming Materials & Crafting

The armory can only give us so much!

The guns we craft, and the skills we build...

You can now farm materials,

and craft your first weapon.

Phase 7 - Marketplace

You have weapons, and you have materials.

And now you can trade them.


To be continued :)

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