The Battle Rages On

When it's time to battle you'll be presented with 4 enemies of various elements and weapon types. Choose your opponent wisely. They won't go easy on you. When you select your enemy, you'll both roll a number based on Operator Faction, Gun Faction, Operator Class, Gun Class, Weapon Type,


Before you jump into battle you'll need to meet a few conditions,

  • An Operator

    • With at least 40 stamina

  • A Weapon

    • With at least 40 durability

Rules of Engagement

Each battle lasts for a total of 10 seconds. This determines how many shots you'll get off based on your weapons attack speed.

The enemy who does the most damage in those 10 seconds wins.


Enemies are randomly generated for each Operator and Weapon combination. Enemies rotate every hour as well.

Calculating the Battle

Variables for calculating Battle

  • Weapon Element

  • Operator Element

  • Enemy Element

  • Operator Class

  • Enemy Class

  • Weapon Type

  • Enemy Weapon Type

  • Operator Power

  • Enemy Power

  • Weapon Power

  • Combat Time

  • Gun Fire Rate

  • Operator Accuracy

  • Enemy Accuracy

  • Weapon Accuracy

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