Purchase an Operator

You'll need an Operator to carry your guns

Now that you have some CTAG tokens you can recruit an Operator NFT, You can do this by navigating over to the Barracks or Emporium. Barracks

In the Barracks, (you'll see it in the navigation bar) you can mint an Operator or Trainee using Cipher Tags.

And you can also buy one directly from the emporium,

From here, filter through and find the best Operator NFT for you. We recommend Elite operators (Golden Borders) for all our commanders. Learn more about the difference between Operator Types

When you attempt a purchase, you'll receive a prompt from your crypto wallet asking you to approve and then mint the Operator. Once these transactions are complete, you'll see you have a CSO NFT in your crypto wallet. That's your Operator. Now it's time to grab a weapon.

You can learn more about Operators:

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