Battle Enemies

Now that you have an Operator and Weapon it is time to go to battle. You'll want to navigate over to the Battle page.

Once you're on this page, You'll want to select an Operator and a Weapon.

You'll know they're selected because they will be highlighted.

Each combination of Operator and Weapon generates 4 random enemies for you to battle. The stronger the opponent the more rewards you will receive.

Every battle requires a minimum of 40 stamina and 40 durability.

Once enemies are generated, select one, and click on the engage button on the bottom right.

You'll have the option of doing a 1x - 5x battles. This is a multiplier for stamina usage, EXP, and CTAG reward gains.

If you win, you'll receive CTAG tokens and some Experience points for your operator! Good luck taking back CipherCity

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