Operators (Characters)

Operators Class Attributes

  • Name

    • Randomly assigned upon creation.

  • Level

  • Experience

  • Power

  • Health

  • Stamina

  • Accuracy

  • Class

  • Faction


Operators can be obtained with CTAGs tokens from the Emporium. Your CTAGs were hard-earned from your previous mercenary days: put them to use well reclaiming Cipher City.

After paying TAGS to the barracks, you’ll have the chance of obtaining one of the available operators, each specialized for a random Faction (Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth).

Each Operator has a different class, with their own weapon proficiencies.

Operators will be able to engage in battle relative to their respective stamina (by default, 40 stamina a day).

Operators get stronger over time: as you defeat more enemies, you gain experience, unlocking stronger enemies and bigger rewards.


Factions affect your efficiency against certain enemies.

Operators can have Factional synergy with their weapons,

and this allows more damage against their enemies.

Fire > Earth > Lightning > Water > Fire


Operator names will be randomly generated upon minting.


Every character starts at level 1. As you level up and become more powerful and this enables you to unlock greater rewards.


After every battle, you will gain some experience based on how tough the enemy you defeated was. You can then use this experience to level up your character.


When minting a new operator you get a stable power attribute that scales linearly as you level up. The higher your power is, the stronger your enemies will be, and the greater your rewards.


Your operator has an accuracy of 1 by default. Every time your character levels up, it increases your Operators accuracy and can reach a max of 35.

At a high level, Accuracy increases your chance of hitting the enemy in the head and body and decreases the chance of hitting enemies in the legs. At higher accuracy levels it reduces the chance of hitting legs completely and decreases the chance of hitting the body and increases the chance of hitting the enemy's head. Learn more by taking a look at our example below:


When you mint a new character, you have a chance of getting one of the available classes in rotation. Classes have special synergies with different weapon types.

Weapon Synergy Table

Depending on what class your operator specializes in, they will be doing more or decreased damage with specific weapons.

At launch, the game will have two potential operators classes.


When creating a new character, you have a chance of getting 1 of 4 factions on your character. Fire, Water, Lightning, and Earth. These factions may strengthen or decrease your power against certain enemies.


Every operator starts with 200 stamina and every battle costs 40 stamina. Stamina regenerates 12 points every 1 hour.

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See more in Brand Guide

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