CipherShooters: A Cyberpunk play-and-earn RPG with true digital ownership.

Awarded: Best NFT / Gaming on Polygon, HackFS Finalist Prize, Protocol Labs Grand Prize, Chainlink Pool Prize and ENS Prize.


Now looking to scale into the metaverse.


CipherShooters is a blockchain Play-and-Earn role-playing game that pits you against a relentless wave of enemies deployed against you by Evil Corp.

As one of CipherCity's contracted mercenary leaders, your role is to send your operatives out into the field, and direct them to hunt down these heartless fiends across different neighborhoods of Cipher City.

You'll develop more and more intelligence about the true nature of this Shadowy Super Corporation, Evil Corp...

Arm your operators well, and train them up enough -- it could finally give the mercenaries a chance to take them down.

Future missions might see you scrounging materials from certain types of enemies, or building up your operator's crafting skills as an artisan.

Your operator might become the resident gunsmith for the whole neighborhood, churning out masterwork after masterwork.

Perhaps they're just an assassin under your direction, stalking from city corner to city corner, to bag a fresh bounty on elite droids...

Or maybe you just want to get rich.

Then, open that store, wheel and deal, warehouse parts, arm rebel operatives... maybe even AIs... shovels and spades, right?... it's all the same to you, anyway.

Forge your own path in the world of Cipher City, and beyond.

So, what's your story?

Note: CipherShooters is currently in alpha. Early adopters will be rewarded with the early adopter role.

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