Weapons (Guns)

Weapon NFT used along side your Operator NFT

Weapon Attributes

  • Name

  • Type (Sniper, SMG, Shotgun, Assault, Pistol)

  • Quality (Common, Normal, Rare, Epic, Legendary)

  • Power (Range based on quality)

  • Fire Rate (depends on weapon type)

  • Accuracy

  • Faction

  • Durability


Weapon names will be randomly generated upon minting.


There are 5 different weapon types that your operator can use, the weapon type gets decided randomly upon rolling

  • Pistols

  • Shotguns

  • Assault Rifles

  • Sub Machine Guns (SMG)

  • Snipers

Any operator class can use any weapon type but certain operators have synergies with certain weapons.


This is the base attribute for a weapon and plays a big role in how hard your shots will hit. When minting a weapon, the power of the weapon is determined by the type of weapon rolled. Each weapon quality has a different range of power in which you can land.

Power Ranges based on Weapon Quality: Common: 500 - 10000 Normal: 10000 - 20000 Rare: 20000 - 30000 Epic: 30000 - 40000 Legendary: 40000 - 50000

If you roll any of these weapons, the power of the weapon will roll within these ranges,

The ranges on weapons can potentially be refactored in the future

Fire Rate

Battles with enemies will last over X seconds, let us assume a constant 5. If a weapon has a fire rate of 1 bullet per second. Then you will be able to hit your enemy 5 times in a single battle. If a weapon has a fire rate of 5 bullets per second, Then you hit your enemy 1 time in that battle.

Each hit on an enemy will hit 1 of 3 body parts: Head, Body, Legs. Different guns will have different probabilities of which body part they will hit. A sniper will be more likely to get a headshot than a pistol. And Accuracy will also affect the probability of which body part you hit.

  • Head: 1.5x

  • Body: 1.0x

  • Legs: 0.7x

Sniper: 0.1 - 0.2 shots per second SMG: 0.2 - 0.5 shots per second Shotgun: 0.1 - 0.3 shots per second Assault: 0.2 - 0.4 shots per second Pistol: 0.1 - 0.4 shots per second

Current combat time is 10

  • Sniper

    • Fewer shots, but more damage.

  • SMG

    • Lower to Mid damage but multiple shots

  • Assault rifle

    • Balance Weapon

  • Shotgun

    • High Damage variability

  • Pistol

    • Most Diverse

Accuracy Multiplier

Weapon accuracy acts as a multiplier to your Operators accuracy. Some weapons are naturally more accurate than others. A weapon will have an accuracy multiplier in a range of 1-2x


Accuracy Multiplier Range



Assault Rifle







1.5 - 2x

Ranges are subject to change after simulations


Your weapon can roll 1 of 4 Factions. Combining an operator and weapon with the same Faction gives a bonus. Fighting an enemy with an element that is weak against yours also yields a bonus. The inverse is true.


Every weapon starts with 200 durability and every battle costs it 40 durability. Durability regenerates 12 points an hour.

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